Sunday, July 31, 2011

New goodies at the shop!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I had some big items sell from the shop this weekend so I got to go in and re work the space (I love doing this!!) My husband hates it b/c it means he has to help load furniture but it's a small price to pay:-). 

I added a few really cool things (at least I think):

1. A large dining/kitchen table 54" round that is a beautiful wood on top and whitw/cream legs.
2. An old cherry butlers dresser in gorgeous shape
3. A half table (can't remember the name) painted in Provence blue, love it!
4. A round frech provincial side table painted in a beautiful blue
5. Fab Jamestown glasses in pink, red and purple!  I have sets of each color.
6. Old blue jars
7. Lovely cheese/dessert domes

There are tons of other goodies too but these are a few that stand out to me:-)  Here are some pictures!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

(Patina Lady as my friend Lisa call me:-)

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Big News!!! Chalk Paint & New Retail Space:-)

As I have been hinting to over the last couple of weeks really cool stuff has been happening for Stylish Patina. So here is the news! 

Number One
The first super exciting thing is that I am now the mini stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the Northern Virginia Area and part of DC!  What does this mean for you?  You can buy chalk paint at any retail shop Stylish Patina is in:-)  I have placed my 1st order so I expect to have chalk paint available in the Stifel & Capra location, 260 W. Broad St. Falls Church 22042, starting the end of next week! I will have it online through my new website as well.

Number Two
Stylish Patina will be sold in the brand new shop on Ust in DC called Foundry!!!!  Yvette is the owner and she is super fabulous!  If I were to open a shop tomorrow it would look just like Foundry.  I met her in person yesterday to see if it was a good fit for both of us and can I say I am just SOOO excited!  Foundry will be located at 1522 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009.  I'll let you know when we do the grand opening but it will be in the next few weeks!  You will be able to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint there as well.

Here are some pictures of her shop as it comes to life!  Uhhh such amazing stuff:-) 

Don't you want to just move in!  Okay I am off, hope you enjoyed the pictures of the new space....ahhh, I am in love with it:-) 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What did you do today:-)

These are "fighting" words in my house.  "Working from home" especially with the creation of Stylish Patina has created a new and interesting dynamic in our house.  My hubby will either laugh when he reads this or this post will be "fighting word!", laugh...maybe he won't check the blog:-).

We adapted pretty easily to being married and living together even through a home renovation and marrying of four dogs but the concept of me working at home also seems to mean work, clean, cook and run all the errands:-).  We are used to me being the 1st one out the door to work and the last one home due my jobs in the past.  So many days we will have a conversation that goes like this...

"J" -- "Did you go to Home Depot for xx" and I say "No, I didn't get to it today" and then it comes..."Well you were home all day, what did you do?".  This is when I want to strangle my husband and scream at the top of my lungs "WORK".  I'm exaggerating a  bit but you get the point:-) I have to say my hubby is VERY supportive of everything I do.  Soooo, what did I do today?

7:30am - Make lunch for my husband
8 - 9 - Check email and get organized for the day
9-9:30 - Load up the truck for the days errands
9:30-10:30 - Get gas, coffee & drive to Leesburg
10:30 - 11 - Get knobs
11 - 12 - Meet with the Annie Sloan Chalk paint distributor in Lucketts
12 - 1pm - Go to Lucketts store to get more supplies and take some pictures
1 - 2 - Head back to Leesburg to run a few more errands
2 - 3 - Drive home
3 - 3:30 - Customer picks up a chair at the house
3:30-4:30 - Go to the shop to update inventory and stage
4:30-5:30 - Deliver knobs for the built in client/friend and consult on a couple other things
5:30 -6:30 - Drop off items to a client/friend and catch up for a couple minutes
6:30-7:30  - Drive home, grab a bite to eat, feed the dogs (with the husband)
7:30 -8:30 - Load the truck to deliver a custom job and deliver it with my hubby, Thank you!!!
8:30-9 - eat salad \ sit for a couple minutes
9-10 - Load new pictures, edit them, write blog, check email
10 to bed to watch some brain rotting TV.

Ahhh life :-)  I do love every minute of it though...not complaining one bit, really!  So here are some pics from my travels today just for fun. Enjoy!

Old Roller Skates, LOVE!

Have a wonderful day!

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Weekend Recap!

I have not been blogging the last couple days because I have been under the weather and busy with custom projects!  BUT my hubby reminded me how bad I am about proofing my blog posts so I am giving you a **disclaimer -- I get so excited about writing I usually don't do a good job of proofing my posts so please excuse all spelling & grammer errors and consider them a lil' bit of my own personal patina I am sharing with you:-).

On to this weekend...other than being sick (ugh!) I did a desk over for a gal in Alexandria that will be delivered tonight!  I will snap a few pics and share them with you in the next couple days.
I also met a wonderful new mom to be and we will be doing a custom dresser for her in Old Violet chalk paint I am soo excited!  My second nursery I get to help with, I love it.  She too is using the top of the dresser as a changing table., pics to come! 

I also picked up a fab old piece that I LOVE!  Look at Ira peaking in the mirror, Love it!

Here are some before and after inital pics of the dresser drawers for the desk I did this weekend full pics to come soon!

And a sweet little slipper chair I picked up!

Hope you have a great day!

Stylish Patina
One of kind items, refreshed by hand, for your home. 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Blog Website Coming Soon & 20% off Sale!

One of my many big projects I've been doing is finding someone to turm blog into more of a website look and feel but w/o looking the ability to blog daily.  I found a great company to help me with this called Even Par Solutions.  Tony who I am working with is a wonderful.  They convinced me to migrate from Blogger to Word Press primarily b/c I had a site that I loved that they did and I wanted a similar layout and it was done on it will be a learning curve but in the end I think it will give me the best of both worlds 1-a website navigation feel 2-the ability to still blog daily (most days:-).  So if any of you folks are looking for what I felt like was a reasonably priced solution check out EvenPar and tell them kelly from Stylish Patina sent you!

So as you know if you read the blog yesterday we are doing a 20% discount at the store on July 21st only!  From 10am-8pm you can come in and get anything in my section at 20% off. And I am going to honor this for anything in my inventory, so even if it is not in the store if you see it on my SP Facebook Page or SP Etsy Shop contact me tomorrow and pay for it either in person or through paypal tomorrow you can have it for 20% off.  The sale starts at 10am and ends at 8pm both in the store and online (or through me).  This is HUGE b/c my prices are really reasonable already:-).  So email me if you want something not in the shop at  I will make sure everything I have for sale is loaded on the Stylish Patina Etsy shop by tomorrow morning at 10am.

Here are a few new pics that I took of the shop today after I added a few goodies!

Signs are $25/each
 Bench is $75, little table is $65
 Side table $60, signs are $25, Little chair is $45
vintage frames refreshed with paint.  Use as is on a wall for decoration or make chalk boards our of them! Range from $25-$38 depending on size.
Table is $85 chair $65, this matches the other gray chair with the burlap seat ($75)
 Chest $175 blue side table $59

 Chalk board is $35 and other boards are $25
 $40 a chair I have 4 chairs total I could bring the other two to sho[ is someone wanted them.
$75 for the head chair w/burlap seat
 $40 chair on the left $55 rocker on the right
 Vintage chair love this...needs a new seat.  $45
 vintage childs toy $20
 $150 crib/bassinet could be used for a little girls dolls:-)
$175 dresser (or could be used in a nursery as a changing table)
 $75/each.  I have another one like this and a head chair as well.

Happy shopping!  There will be no 20% off on customer orders placed tomorrow.