Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalk Paint Give Away & Guest Blogger

Good morning!  So many things going on that I want to share:-)  First off a few wonderful ladies in Del Ray Alexandria put together a blog about how to make the most of living in small spaces.  They asked me to be a guest blogger and I just did my 1st post for them.  Go check out!

On the same note I went over to my dear friend Ashley's house yesterday to take pictures of how she used two Stylish Patina purchases.  As always she knows how to make the most of a small space with charm and character.  Check out the pictures:

And these are her little bundles of joy:-)

Now the chalk paint give away!!!  I am teaming up with Miss Mustard Seed on Friday for a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint give away so go to her blog on Friday and see how you can win!  

I will be giving away the following:
- 2 cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you pick the colors
- 1 can of clear wax
- 1 waxing brush
- Set of chalk paint brushes, a 2" and 3" brush
- AND a $50 William Sonoma Gift card!!!

What do you have to do to enter:
- Go to Miss Mustard Seeds Blog and read the rules:-)
- Become a follower of Stylish Patina Blog,, (that means sign up as a follow) then go back and leave a comment to MMS about which colors you want of chalk paint
- For an extra entry you can "like" the Stylish Patina FB page and comment on MMS blog and tell her.

So tell your friends and get to Miss Mustard Seeds blog on Friday to enter!

Coming on Friday a new layout for my blog!!!!  Hope you like it.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Built in Refresh in North Arlington, Va

A good friend of mine wanted to change up her built in and so we decided to get a little crazy and do it in Annie Sloan's Graphite colored Chalk Paint.  This has become one of my favorite colors and "J" the client is obsessed with grey so it was a match made in heaven!  Here is the before picture:

Those are two of her three little monkeys:-)

And the afters...

I did just one coat of paint and was careful to allow for the wood to show through a bit.  Then I lightly sanded the distressing points and waxed with a dark wax.  We replaced the knobs with two different glass sets and I think it looks beautiful!

While I was there we ended up also painting and distressing her banister. And in case you just fell in love with the photos on the wall they are hers.  She has a boutique photography business focusing on families, you can see more at

Cheers! Kelly

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Girls & A Barn

Yvette from Foundry and I have been chatting a lot about ways we can partner up and much discussion has gone into how can we store furniture and have a cool tag sale a few times a year so..Yvette found a listing for a barn and we decided to take a look!

Tommy was our contact he owns 50+ acres and was looking to make a little $$ by renting out the barn so Yvette and I headed out to take a look and meet Tommy.  The barn was a bit more rustic than we wanted however; I took some great pics of all the animals.  We are still hunting for some cheap warehouse space in the DC Metro area so if you know of any send me an email

The horse was named Cody and he was awesome!!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ira in the Big City!

So a couple days ago I needed to head down to the new shop, FOUNDRY, or URBAN, as my husband called it last night to Yvette, LOL.  We got a kick out of that one:-) on U Street in DC to delivery furniture.  I have to say as much as I grew up here I don't go into the city very often the parking and everything just is a big hassle for me b/c I'm not used to it.  Let alone driving Ira the 1976 Ford pick up that can be very finicky:-)

So I load up Ira, pray it doesn't rain and head down.  Yes I got many stares as I drove through the city streets with Ira rumbling away.  I'm sure it was the first time some people had seen a car that old.  Not to mention it was hot as heck and Ira of course has no AC.....ahh the joys of a little patina.

I find the shop and try and pull behind the building to unload but it was way too I circle around and decide to just make a U turn and park in front of the shop.  I take a really wide U turn b/c Ira's turning radius leaves something to be desired and all of a sudden in the middle of U street Ira stalls on first I don't worry this is pretty standard for Ira so I try and start him luck, keep in mind I am now blocking the entire lane of traffic on U street.  UGHHH I try to start him a few more times, no luck.  Then some kinda scary guy jumps out of his van and comes over to the window and tells me to put it in neutral and he'll push me over:-)  Seriously do not judge the scary greasy guy when he is pushing you out of U st.  Thank you!!!

After a few minutes of rest Ira started up and we got parked, moved in the furniture and made it home safe but Ira and the big city don't mix too well, so he is going in for a serious check up next week!

For your enjoyment here are a few new things in the shop and some pics of items in FOUNDRY.

Stylish Patina
One of a kind finds, refreshed for you home.

{shop online}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chalk Paint is in! Come and get it!

Chalk paint has arrived in at Stifel & Capra in Falls Church, Virginia.  I have about 18 of colors in the shop!  If you need to place a large order or want a color that is not there just email me at  I have the following items for your DIY projects!
- Chalk paint 
- Dark/clear wax
- Waxing brushes
- Chalk paint brushes in 2" & 3"
- Glass knobs
- Handmade clay knobs (to come)
- Cheese cloth in bunches of 20 for cleaning off wax
- Annie Sloan Paint Transformation book 

Stifel & Capra
260 West Broad Street
Falls Church, Va 22046
phone - 703.533-3557
m-sat 10am-5pm
sunday 12-5pm

1522 U Street NW, DC
Opening September 2nd!
Fri, Sat, Sun 10-7

There is will paint classes coming soon.....and when FOUNDRY in DC on U Street opens in a couple weeks all of these same supplies will be available there:-)

My goal is to offer a one stop shop for all your "Refreshing" needs to stay tuned as additional products are added!  Here are the goodies!


{shop online}

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life in the country

I went to Lucketts the other day to deliver some "pickin's" to Miss Mustard Seed and brought along my camera for fun.  I love the country it always reminds me of upstate NY when we used to go visit my grand parents in the summer.  Tons of flowers, animals, cool old buildings etc.  Ira and I literally swerved to pull over when I saw this little sight...

How awesome is that!  And this is only a small subset of them!

 At the lake in the summer my grandma Lillian used to teach us the names of all the flowers when we did out walk around the lake in the evenings....this is Queen Annes Lace:-)

And a couple pics of some new items in the store:-) Which by the way has already been re worked from when I took these pictures a couple days ago b/c we are getting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this week and I sold that amazing table on Saturday!

This is a little half table done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Provence.
 This is ASCP in Aubusson

 This is actually just a cool HEAVY dresser I found and I did it in regular old paint in slate gray and then painted the pulls in flat black I think it looks awesome!  Need to put it on craigs list.

 Here are some picks of the outdoor market on Saturday I just did two new benches, I'll share some better pictures of  them in a later post but are they not so cute!!  The little green plan stand sold, loved it!

Chalk paint, wax and other goodies are suppose to arrive today!!! I plan to have a section of the shop dedicated to all you DIYers!  I'll have...
  • Chalk paint (and hopefully Milk Paint soon)
  • clear & dark wax
  • waxing brushes
  • chalk paint brushes
  • gilding wax for those with a little extra creativity!
  • cheese cloth for wiping off the wax
  • an assortment of knobs and drawer pulls
  • Annie Sloan books
...and so much more as it evolves!  I think I need to open that store now:-)

And....yes there will be classes offered in the future so you can learn the proper techniques is you want a little extra instruction of comradery while doing your projects!

That's all folks! Have a great Monday!

Stylish Patina - One of kind items, for your home!