Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Girls & A Barn

Yvette from Foundry and I have been chatting a lot about ways we can partner up and much discussion has gone into how can we store furniture and have a cool tag sale a few times a year so..Yvette found a listing for a barn and we decided to take a look!

Tommy was our contact he owns 50+ acres and was looking to make a little $$ by renting out the barn so Yvette and I headed out to take a look and meet Tommy.  The barn was a bit more rustic than we wanted however; I took some great pics of all the animals.  We are still hunting for some cheap warehouse space in the DC Metro area so if you know of any send me an email

The horse was named Cody and he was awesome!!!



  1. Barn color reminds me of Annie Sloan's Primer Red! Too bad the barn didn't work out for ya, I love barns!


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