Monday, August 8, 2011

Life in the country

I went to Lucketts the other day to deliver some "pickin's" to Miss Mustard Seed and brought along my camera for fun.  I love the country it always reminds me of upstate NY when we used to go visit my grand parents in the summer.  Tons of flowers, animals, cool old buildings etc.  Ira and I literally swerved to pull over when I saw this little sight...

How awesome is that!  And this is only a small subset of them!

 At the lake in the summer my grandma Lillian used to teach us the names of all the flowers when we did out walk around the lake in the evenings....this is Queen Annes Lace:-)

And a couple pics of some new items in the store:-) Which by the way has already been re worked from when I took these pictures a couple days ago b/c we are getting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this week and I sold that amazing table on Saturday!

This is a little half table done in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Provence.
 This is ASCP in Aubusson

 This is actually just a cool HEAVY dresser I found and I did it in regular old paint in slate gray and then painted the pulls in flat black I think it looks awesome!  Need to put it on craigs list.

 Here are some picks of the outdoor market on Saturday I just did two new benches, I'll share some better pictures of  them in a later post but are they not so cute!!  The little green plan stand sold, loved it!

Chalk paint, wax and other goodies are suppose to arrive today!!! I plan to have a section of the shop dedicated to all you DIYers!  I'll have...
  • Chalk paint (and hopefully Milk Paint soon)
  • clear & dark wax
  • waxing brushes
  • chalk paint brushes
  • gilding wax for those with a little extra creativity!
  • cheese cloth for wiping off the wax
  • an assortment of knobs and drawer pulls
  • Annie Sloan books
...and so much more as it evolves!  I think I need to open that store now:-)

And....yes there will be classes offered in the future so you can learn the proper techniques is you want a little extra instruction of comradery while doing your projects!

That's all folks! Have a great Monday!

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