Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st visit to an auction!

I loved it!  I brought my husband, bad idea!  He was bored in about 10 minutes.  I was super nervous and let a great buffet get away, ugh!  I ended up staying for about half the auction and then had to bring my hubby to dinner (and beers) to address is boredom and hunger pains :-)  I ended up leaving some absentee bids and won 4 things!!!  I was so excited!

As I told you before I'm headed to Columbia SC for my brothers wedding so I am not going to be able to pick as much as I would like this weekend so the auction helped me pick up a few things along with a few other finds this week.

So here are the "before" pics of what I have found this week.  The 1st pick is of the items I won at the auction: 2 gorgeous oak chairs (love these!), a wood and metal small steamer trunk on wheels, and a vintage baby crib (which I am in love with!!!!). 
I also won this little side table .
 These are the chairs I picked up this week. I think I have an addiction to chairs:-)  now I need to find the perfect table for them after they are fixed up pretty!

Okay I'm off to pack for the trip! Don't forget to check out the Stylish Patina Facebook page and Etsy shop!


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