Friday, May 20, 2011

Headed to Lucketts to set up!

With the rain & the fact that my work area is our garage and drive way it has been a challenge getting everything done.  I have a few remaining items that are just not getting finished so they will be sold "as is" and can become a project for someone else!  Here are a few pics of what is heading out today.  I'm using my iphone so I apologize for the lack of quality pictures:-)  Check out my Facebook page at Stylish Patina, for more picks

This is an adorable little side table or kids table.  The base color is green with a creamy white top coat.  It is gently distressed.
Cute little dresser.  It has a green top and the base coat on the main piece is green as well.  It is lightly distressed with glass knobs.

I love this old barn table desk.  I have had this forever and finally fixed it up. It's rough and the base is natural "Patina"  I have sanded and waxed it to lean it up a bit but couldn't bring myself to strip away the natural Patina look.  This is one of my favorites but I'm a sucker for a barn table:-)

I made some cute little business cards and tags yesterday too.  Check them out :-)  It's amazing how crafty you can be when you have to!

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