Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Delivered my 1st "Pick" to Miss Mustard Seed!

If you haven't checked out Miss Mustard Seed you need to!  She actually ended up being the straw the broke the camels back for me.  I have been wanted to open a "Lucketts Type" shop in Falls Church, Va. (my home town) for years now but the timing isn't ever right with finances, etc.  I found Miss Mustard Seeds blog and started following her.  In one of her posts she mentioned using a "picker" and I thought...hmmm..I can do that!  Plus I LOVE the American Pickers show on TV, so I sent her an email and asked if I could pick for her and the rest is history!  

I deliver my first batch of furniture to her this week and I am selling at the Lucketts Market this weekend! My mom drove out with me.  We loaded up Ira ('76 truck) and headed out.  We almost lost a chair on the way going down Rt66 but we managed to keep it intact (thank goodness!).  We show up and my mom goes poking around and comes out and says "I think J's (my husband) mom is in that store!".  I said "no way she is in Gettysburg I don't think it's her."  Low and behold it IS her!  Too crazy:-) 

So mom and I head out after our delivery + stop off at another lil' shop before getting lunch.  We head back to Ira (the truck) and he won't start!  Seriously by now we are starving and in the middle of no where.  Finally I give in and call my husband at work.  He makes me put him on speaker so he can listen to me start Ira (and tell me what I am doing wrong!) ...nothing.  So he leaves work and heads out to rescue us, by this point my mom is calling us Thelma+Louise.  On his way home his car dies!  He gets it to our house and takes my 4Runner to pick us up.  We finally get home to find the cops have left a note on the door saying a neighbor called them about our dogs barking (we have 4 but only 1 was outside.  Needless to say it's never a dull moment at our house and in our lives!

Off to work on some projects for this weekend, this rain is really killing me!   I have set up my Facebook page so be sure to "like" it. You can also follow me on twitter @StylishPatina.

This is delivery day to Miss Mustard Seed.  Here we are, yes I look scary..I know.  But I was hauling furniture!

Here is a pic of my mom (on the right) and my mother-in-law (on the left).  This is quickly becoming a family business!

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  1. Hi! I saw MMS's post and then saw your post on her fb page. Cool story! Wish I was closer to guys. What a fun bunch! Your story had me literally laughing out loud because that is so something that would happen to us too.
    Have a blessed week and tell your neighbor to relax - calling the police about a dog barking?! Really?


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