Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I just got back from my brothers wedding (super cool!) in S.C. and I was planning on chilling out and being lazy but them we went to home depot and I bought a paint sprayer!!! Yes I made the investment and can't tell you how happy I am about it.  The only down side if that to switch the paint color it's a lot of clean up work.  So here is my new gadget!
And with that I did these!!!

My husband even got into helping me...any reason to work up a sweat and drink a beer he is "in!". :-)  That's my mom with him coming to check out the progress.
So here are a few of the pieces I worked on today. I still have to finish them off but I made tons of progress!
 Isn't this vintage baby crib adorable!!!  I just love it!

Okay I'm to bed.  Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st visit to an auction!

I loved it!  I brought my husband, bad idea!  He was bored in about 10 minutes.  I was super nervous and let a great buffet get away, ugh!  I ended up staying for about half the auction and then had to bring my hubby to dinner (and beers) to address is boredom and hunger pains :-)  I ended up leaving some absentee bids and won 4 things!!!  I was so excited!

As I told you before I'm headed to Columbia SC for my brothers wedding so I am not going to be able to pick as much as I would like this weekend so the auction helped me pick up a few things along with a few other finds this week.

So here are the "before" pics of what I have found this week.  The 1st pick is of the items I won at the auction: 2 gorgeous oak chairs (love these!), a wood and metal small steamer trunk on wheels, and a vintage baby crib (which I am in love with!!!!). 
I also won this little side table .
 These are the chairs I picked up this week. I think I have an addiction to chairs:-)  now I need to find the perfect table for them after they are fixed up pretty!

Okay I'm off to pack for the trip! Don't forget to check out the Stylish Patina Facebook page and Etsy shop!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to the Pickin' !

Since I sold most of my inventory at Lucketts Antique Market I'm back to Picking!  Which is actually one of my favorite parts of this business.  I am also a picker for Miss Mustard Seed (MMS)and she needs new goodies! 

I found this amazing little frenchy chair for MMS.  I almost kept it for myself but knew only she could make it really shine.  I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page, Stylish Patina, and got so many positive comments I think I could have sold 20 of them!  I was driving down the street and there she was calling my name at a little shop.  The pink caught my eye right away and I knew I had to have her!  Introducing "Pinky French", she is a hottie:-)

I am sad b/c this weekend I won't be able to do any picking b/c my brother is getting married so I'm headed out of town but I did pick up a set of 4 chairs today that are dying for a little color and have a couple end tables to fix up. 

I hit my 1st auction tonight!  I was a chicken and let a couple things go that I should have bought but it's all a learning process, right?!  I took my husband, "J" BIG mistake after 10 minutes he was bored (can you say ADD!) any ho, he left and I stuck it out for a while longer and then left some anonymous bids so we'll see if I win anything.  I bought one little side table for $10 (score!).  Needless to say "J" won't be coming to the next auction with me I'll be flying solo.

I still have a couple things left over from Lucketts you can see them on Facebook or on Etsy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ahh...Lucketts Antique Market....I heart you!

The last few days have bees such a whirl win I don't even know where to start!  Big thanks to Sarah Jean & Company that let me share tent space after a mix up with my own space.  They were sweet enough to let me join them under two tents.  We had a blast meeting so many new folks both vendors & shoppers.  Many of our shoppers were from Northern Virginia/D.C. area (like moi!) so for you guys we are super excited to have our 1st tag sale hopefully in June so you don't have to drive quite as far to get some of the same great stuff!

So..back to Lucketts ...many thanks to my mom who did two trips to Lucketts with me on Friday.  We each had a truck loaded with stuff and then hauled it in under a tarp and prayed for no rain!  Here are some pics of us headed out.  Thank you, thank you, thank you mom!!!

I went out early on Saturday to get things organized.  Sarah and her mom had already started which was so sweet of them.  We had one tragedy, one of my chairs lost a leg :-(  She had to go to the dumpster (poor things she was so cute!).  

Saturday was super busy, there was a line out into the field of people wanted to get into the gates at 10am!  I ended up with a major sunburn on Saturday but Sunday was overcast and just a few showers.  Mom came by and helped by getting me change a few times and providing moral support.  I also had a few surprise visitor which was lots of fun!  

I ended my Saturday by dropping off 6 chairs I sold to "D" in Alexandria and chatted with her about a few other pieces she needs for her new home.  She is a busy working mom and so I am going to see if I can help her find some unique pieces (I love this part of my new business!).

I also chatted with Miss Mustard Seed about the items I need to start "picking" for her since she literally sold out of everything!  All in all it was an amazing experience and I can't wait until next year!  Here are a couple pictures of our area but visit the Stylish Patina Facebook page for more pictures.  I have also just set up an Etsy shop.  I will have items for sale though Etsy, Facebook and at our local tag sales. You can always email me at if you see something you'd like to purchase, need something "refreshed" or would like me to help with some personal shopping.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Headed to Lucketts to set up!

With the rain & the fact that my work area is our garage and drive way it has been a challenge getting everything done.  I have a few remaining items that are just not getting finished so they will be sold "as is" and can become a project for someone else!  Here are a few pics of what is heading out today.  I'm using my iphone so I apologize for the lack of quality pictures:-)  Check out my Facebook page at Stylish Patina, for more picks

This is an adorable little side table or kids table.  The base color is green with a creamy white top coat.  It is gently distressed.
Cute little dresser.  It has a green top and the base coat on the main piece is green as well.  It is lightly distressed with glass knobs.

I love this old barn table desk.  I have had this forever and finally fixed it up. It's rough and the base is natural "Patina"  I have sanded and waxed it to lean it up a bit but couldn't bring myself to strip away the natural Patina look.  This is one of my favorites but I'm a sucker for a barn table:-)

I made some cute little business cards and tags yesterday too.  Check them out :-)  It's amazing how crafty you can be when you have to!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Delivered my 1st "Pick" to Miss Mustard Seed!

If you haven't checked out Miss Mustard Seed you need to!  She actually ended up being the straw the broke the camels back for me.  I have been wanted to open a "Lucketts Type" shop in Falls Church, Va. (my home town) for years now but the timing isn't ever right with finances, etc.  I found Miss Mustard Seeds blog and started following her.  In one of her posts she mentioned using a "picker" and I thought...hmmm..I can do that!  Plus I LOVE the American Pickers show on TV, so I sent her an email and asked if I could pick for her and the rest is history!  

I deliver my first batch of furniture to her this week and I am selling at the Lucketts Market this weekend! My mom drove out with me.  We loaded up Ira ('76 truck) and headed out.  We almost lost a chair on the way going down Rt66 but we managed to keep it intact (thank goodness!).  We show up and my mom goes poking around and comes out and says "I think J's (my husband) mom is in that store!".  I said "no way she is in Gettysburg I don't think it's her."  Low and behold it IS her!  Too crazy:-) 

So mom and I head out after our delivery + stop off at another lil' shop before getting lunch.  We head back to Ira (the truck) and he won't start!  Seriously by now we are starving and in the middle of no where.  Finally I give in and call my husband at work.  He makes me put him on speaker so he can listen to me start Ira (and tell me what I am doing wrong!) ...nothing.  So he leaves work and heads out to rescue us, by this point my mom is calling us Thelma+Louise.  On his way home his car dies!  He gets it to our house and takes my 4Runner to pick us up.  We finally get home to find the cops have left a note on the door saying a neighbor called them about our dogs barking (we have 4 but only 1 was outside.  Needless to say it's never a dull moment at our house and in our lives!

Off to work on some projects for this weekend, this rain is really killing me!   I have set up my Facebook page so be sure to "like" it. You can also follow me on twitter @StylishPatina.

This is delivery day to Miss Mustard Seed.  Here we are, yes I look scary..I know.  But I was hauling furniture!

Here is a pic of my mom (on the right) and my mother-in-law (on the left).  This is quickly becoming a family business!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Stylish Patina

Hi!, my name is Kelly and I live in Northern Virginia with my husband "J" of two years and our 4 large dogs: Macie, Halo, Rai & Bai. I love finding & refreshing unique furniture as well a hunting for home decor items with character.    

My husband and I bought a 1940's Dutch Colonial right after we were married and lived in the 300 sq ft basement while we gutted the house.  Now that's a honeymoon:-) Recently J convinced me we needed a 1976 Ford truck which we now call "Ira".  Ira has LOTS of Patina! Ever since Ira I have loved the word "Patina". I believe furnishings and home decor items with Patina have character and can also be stylish; hence the name of my company, Stylish Patina

Personally I don't like having the same dining set, tables and chairs as everyone else.  I enjoy unique pieces that have a story behind them.  This is what Stylish Patina is all about.  Stylish Patina was born after many pokes and prods from friends & family.  I am a business/marketing consultant by trade so I do that to pay the bills with the hopes that Stylish Patina can/will grow. 

I sell my refreshed furnishings through Etsy at, I hold & participate in local tag sales and I have a small booth space at Stifel & Capra in Falls Church City where I grew up and my family still lives.  Come and see me!

Stylish Patina has three additional service offerings
1. Refurbishing Furniture
2. Personal Shopping
3. "Picking"

I love to find fun and funky items and breathe new life into them through paint or refinishing.  I do this myself and sell the items which I will share with you through this blog and an Etsy store once I get organized.  I will be at the Lucketts Market May 21 + May 22, come check it out!

I am also more than happy to take a piece you might already have and "freshen" it up for you.  Just send me an email and I can give you a quote on the cost, 

Personal Shopping
Do you love unique and interesting furnishings but have no time to go look for them?  Then let me help!  Send me an email and tell me what you are looking for and how much you want to pay. I can look for your items for you (and refurbish it if it needs it).  I'm happy to send pictures of items I find while I'm out and send them to you:-)  I charge for the item not the time spent looking for you.  Email me with your "Wish List" and if you have pictures send those too and I can keep an eye out for you!

What is Picking?!  If you've ever watched the American Pickers on TV (Love this show!!) you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Basically I go out and find furniture and other goodies for dealers and refurbishers that just don't have the time to be out there picking up the deals.  In I come!  I've been working with Miss Mustard Seed lately and just delivered her a truck full of goodies to Lucketts in Ira.  If you need a picker email me, I'm your girl! 

Keep checking back and follow my blog to see what new fun finds I come across.  I'll also share some of our before and after pictures of the house we renovated and our adorable dog family:-)

This is "Ira" our 1976 truck, I took him to Lucketts to deliver some picked items to Miss Mustard Seed.  He is Stylish Patina's Mascot :-)