Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Before & After Plus New Finds!

Okay...so sorry I have slacked on posting.  My brother got married in S.C. last weekend and this weekend we had a big party for them at home in Virginia so needless to say it's been a crazy couple of weeks. PLUS we flew to S.C. but I messed up on our returning flight, I though we left at 10:45 but it was 10 and we missed our plane!  So we ended up having to rent a car and drive home...my husband was NOT please!  I am no longer allowed to be in charge of the travel info...oops!

Anyway on to the good stuff!  We did so many things to our house I'll have to sprinkle in the projects throughout the posts but I did want to show you a before and after ...keep in mind we are still working on the after:-)  Our next external project is to put up crown molding around the front the door and fix the front step where the scary port-o-potty things was on the front :-)  So here it is...

And After

Just like furniture paint makes a huge difference!  By painting the front door red and the shutters black it made the house!  Then we put on a new roof and power washed the front a little.  I really want shutters on the 2nd story as well but we are going to need to replace the siding so it isn't worth it until we do that.

On to furniture!  I had a GREAT couple of weeks finding goodies both for me and for Miss Mustard Seed!  I found her a very cool old china cabinet and the fab pink french chair that I showed a couple weeks ago.  And for me I found this amazing dresser (picture #2) that I love so much I'm not sure I can paint it.... Here are a few of my finds. 
 The next two chairs were super old that I got at an action and they were a little scary looking but had the coolest lines.  A little refreshing and they are as good as new!

 I have started to really love rocking chairs.  I found the a kids side one (painted green) and then this great adult size one.

 This rocker the guy I got it from was telling me how his wife rocked all of their kids to sleep in it.  These stories are the reason I love refinding and refreshing old furnishings!

 I love an old steamer trunk!  This is a small one with a slightly rounded top.  Super cool!

Okay well that's it for now!  Check out my Faceook page, Etsy Shop and Twitter if you're interested!  Have a great day!


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