Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Story Behind the Logo

A big thank you to Stylish Patina (SP) Creative Director (as I call her) Adina! We are still making baby tweaks to the logos but I wanted to reveal anyway...I know I just have no patience!  

Drum Roll Please.....

So a little info on who, what, when where and why on the logo:-) 

If you have read my original post you know that Ira (the '76 Ford + SP Mascot) was the original inspiration for the "Patina" part of the name.  My hubby and I kept saying Ira had "Patina".  We used the word in a positive way:-)  Patina to me means character, history and interest.  I feel that patina makes things unique and one of a kind.

So when I decided to jump in to this business I needed a name! I though Patina describes what I like & look for it furnishings and home decor.  If you are looking for items that look like it came off the factory line you're not reading the right blog:-)  Then I though Patina can be stylish...hence Stylish Patina.

Now on the colors!  The oxidized green reminded me of the natural patina you see sometimes when something is aged so that was a no brainer!  Then the gray I just loved I felt like it was a nice alternative to black and was a bit more "current" ...and finally the yellow...yellow to me has always been a "happy" color so it made sense to throw it in and brighten up everything.

And the bike..many people have suggested I use a chair b/c I am obviously chair obsessed! And maybe one day we will incorporate a chair in some way but for now it is the little Eurpoean shopping bike.  I started using this b/c when I went to Lucketts this year I didn't have a logo or cards so I made them.  I went to the craft store and got creative.  I found a stamp that spoke to me (the bike w/flowers) and then I bought a bunch of funky paper and made business cards/tags.  I just loved the eclectic look of the different papers and then the carefree look of the shopping bike w/flowers in the basket. 

I traveled all over Europe after college & studied in Southern France for a summer; the bike just brought me back to a simpler life.  This business for me is about taking a step out of the hussle and bussle of Corporate America and following a dream in the hopes of a simpler life with less commuting, being on conference calls, and being tied to my smart phone (unless I want to).
Now that you know the story...I hope you'll come along for the ride :-)



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