Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rolling Steamer Trunks & Partnerships

Seriously it's not an easy task shipping steamer trunks!  I sold 4 on Etsy which is great except I had no idea how to ship them:-)  This hobby turned business venture is moving fast and I am winging the shipping a little bit...but I ended up just using the good old USPS.  I just bought some saran wrap stuff from the Public Storage in my neighborhood wrapped them all up and hauled them to the post office and wala...they are shipped!

The hubby was not too pleased the night before as we are literally rolling steamer trunks along the grass in an effort to saran wrap them and then tape them.  Not his favorite thing to do after a day at the office!  Of course his 1st thought..."so how much did you make off these"..and I say "oh honey, enough's a growing business" (right folks!).

My next bit of exciting news is that I sold my old sewing machine to a blogger in my "hood" Pure Joy Events.  She is doing a vintage sewing party for her daughter and is planning on using it as a prop, how cool!  So we chatted over email and I am going to team up with Pure Joy Events and another blogger in my "hood" 6 Bittersweets for a little photo shoot hopefully where they will use some of my vintage cool is that!  I have to say one of my favorite things about this is all the cool people I have met!  Stay tuned for more to come....sorry no pics today:-(  I have to work at my real job, bummer....

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  1. The sewing table is such a great piece. Can't wait to share the pictures from the vintage sewing party.


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