Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chalk Paint ...oooh fun!

So yesterday I was stuck behind the computer working my real job (as a consultant) on a nonprofits website after 5pm I got the urge to play with my latest toy - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  I bought this when I went out to drop off a pick to Miss Mustard Seed and of course I couldn't decide on a color to start with so I bought 5!  The original intent was to try it before I attempt to redo a built in at my friends house (that will be interesting!).  I figure with the chalk paint I don't have to use a primer and I can use in it w/o worrying about fumes and stuff for the kids, it's very "green" and kid friendly.

So my 1st attempt was with this old frame I have...I thought it needed a pop of color.  I used the color Duck Egg and love it!

My pictures are all goofed up so you'll have to turn your head to the side today to look at my two new projects:-)  A cool bow front desk and a dresser both of which I think I am going to do in Chalk Paint to practice before I do the built in.  I do plan a getting a better camera so hopefully my pictures will improve!

Sorry about the picture goof up today!  Stay's feeling muggy!

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  1. First, I LOVE your NAME AND second, this post re: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I just signed on as a mini stockist in California and am glad to see it getting "out there" in the blogger world. Happy Painting, Patina girl!


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