Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Haves!

Just a quick hello tonight things have been crazy between the real job, my Stylish Patina day to day stuff and getting ready for the Tag Sale this weekend.  Of course I keep finding things to buy that need to be refreshed!  Ughhh!  Then I ran out of chalk paint which required a trip to Lucketts to On A Whim which is the only place you can buy Annie Sloan chalk paint!  (Seriously I need to just be a distributor!).  I got there and they were still out of Old White BUT the stockist was sweet enough to mail me two pints :-)

I ended up having a wonderful conversation with the owner Donna and I might have gotten a new "picking" client out of it!  More to come on that but exciting stuff! 

So my blog tonight is about the top things I think are "must haves" if you are going to refresh furniture at home (the easy way)! #1 my mom gave me the insight on and I use it ALL the time (thanks mom!).

#1 Howard Restore a Finish - You would be AMAZED at what a little but of this rubbed on with some extra fine steel wool will do for an old piece of furniture it makes it look beautiful!  Scratches disappear!

#2 Howard Feed-N-Wax - Also just wonderful for adding sine and luster to old items.  This smells better than the restore a finish so if there are no really deep scratched just use this.

#3 Decent paint brushes - I bought Purdy Brand ones from Home Depot.  They are not quite top of the line but I have seen a big difference.

#4 Professional Grade Sand Paper - 80, 150, 220 of the grits I usually use.  I have an auto sander but find I still do most of my distressing by hand it's one of the parts I love.  I just sucked it up and bought a large pack of each b/c I kept going back to Home Depot.

That's it for now!  Have a great night :-)

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