Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Oak Chairs Before & After

First off I'm super excited (and a little sad) I sold my enamel table top yesterday to a woman from NY.  BUT she was so stoked about getting it I felt better :-)  I also shipped out my vintage chandelier to TN yesterday and a woman picked up the Pottery Barn table & chairs set so it was a busy day!  I need to get shopping this weekend:-)

So one of my latest finds was a set of 4 vintage oak chairs.  I know your thinking country not so cool and even though they are not my preferred style I do always buy them!  I just think they are interesting looking.  My last set sold at Lucketts with a barn table and I left them alone (no paint) BUT last night I got the urge to be creative and take something vintage/country and make it a bit more current by adding a gray paint.  I think they are totally cool.  I can imagine them up against a black table or used as an accent chair in a room or hall way.  Take a look at the before and after.

They look a bit more purple than grey in this picture but they are, promise:-)

The little table I found and paid way to much for it but it was soo cute!  Here are a couple other goodies I picked up this week.  I have been selling trunks like hot cakes so I found a couple more medium sized ones and this adorable baby basket.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Beautiful job on all of the pieces. I love all the colors you chose and your styling is very nice. Dont forget to come by for the Blogivery Ball the next 2 weeks!

    Lucky 7 Design


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