Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have to say I've met some really cool people doing Stylish Patina as well as selling Stella & Dot jewelry. It's interesting once I got out of traditional Corporate America I found more people I enjoyed.  I'm sure a big part of it is that I am doing something I enjoy but it's an intersting observation.

So last night I talked my husband into helping me deliver the 3 custom pieces I did for the Del Ray family that is expecting a little boy in a few weeks.  I will hopefully be able to share of few pictures of the nursery with you once they get it set up but for now here are the pics of the two dressers.  "N" the mom really wanted a blue top on the dressers after much debate we did a blue top on one of them:-).  I used Chalk paint - Old White and Loiuse Blue. These are not the best pics but it will give you an idea for now.

Other updates -- I met with a store owner in Old Town Alexandria yesterday and will be doing some picking for her so that's exciting and I have a delivery that needs to go out to Miss Mustard Seed soon, some fab chairs and a sideboard.

I found this pottery barn style table the other day that I am planning on fixing up...if you need one let me know and I'll paint it custom for you! OR if you want it to work on it's yours for $75...come and get it!

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  1. Kelly-- I saw your furniture in Theresa's store and had to check out your blog. Love your stuff. I also follow Miss Mustard Seed's blog.


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