Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Blog Website Coming Soon & 20% off Sale!

One of my many big projects I've been doing is finding someone to turm blog into more of a website look and feel but w/o looking the ability to blog daily.  I found a great company to help me with this called Even Par Solutions.  Tony who I am working with is a wonderful.  They convinced me to migrate from Blogger to Word Press primarily b/c I had a site that I loved that they did and I wanted a similar layout and it was done on it will be a learning curve but in the end I think it will give me the best of both worlds 1-a website navigation feel 2-the ability to still blog daily (most days:-).  So if any of you folks are looking for what I felt like was a reasonably priced solution check out EvenPar and tell them kelly from Stylish Patina sent you!

So as you know if you read the blog yesterday we are doing a 20% discount at the store on July 21st only!  From 10am-8pm you can come in and get anything in my section at 20% off. And I am going to honor this for anything in my inventory, so even if it is not in the store if you see it on my SP Facebook Page or SP Etsy Shop contact me tomorrow and pay for it either in person or through paypal tomorrow you can have it for 20% off.  The sale starts at 10am and ends at 8pm both in the store and online (or through me).  This is HUGE b/c my prices are really reasonable already:-).  So email me if you want something not in the shop at  I will make sure everything I have for sale is loaded on the Stylish Patina Etsy shop by tomorrow morning at 10am.

Here are a few new pics that I took of the shop today after I added a few goodies!

Signs are $25/each
 Bench is $75, little table is $65
 Side table $60, signs are $25, Little chair is $45
vintage frames refreshed with paint.  Use as is on a wall for decoration or make chalk boards our of them! Range from $25-$38 depending on size.
Table is $85 chair $65, this matches the other gray chair with the burlap seat ($75)
 Chest $175 blue side table $59

 Chalk board is $35 and other boards are $25
 $40 a chair I have 4 chairs total I could bring the other two to sho[ is someone wanted them.
$75 for the head chair w/burlap seat
 $40 chair on the left $55 rocker on the right
 Vintage chair love this...needs a new seat.  $45
 vintage childs toy $20
 $150 crib/bassinet could be used for a little girls dolls:-)
$175 dresser (or could be used in a nursery as a changing table)
 $75/each.  I have another one like this and a head chair as well.

Happy shopping!  There will be no 20% off on customer orders placed tomorrow.



  1. How exciting! I plan to be at the shop tomorrow evening.

  2. Life is funny. A few weeks ago I saw an email on my mom's group--MONA--that a friend of yours posted about a special event at your home. I planned on attending but my MIL had to go to the hospital (she's recuparating nicely). A bit after that I received Stifel and Capra's newsletter and was I pleasantly surprised to read that you were her featured artisan. First Friday was written in on the calendar but one of my kids got sick so no First Friday. I too am a consigner at Stifel and Capra (handcrafted greeting cards) and stopped by yesterday to drop off some inventory. I FINALLY got to see your items and I want them all!!!! Every time I walk into Theresa's store I tell myself NOT to look around. It's like a treasure chest in there. I made it back to my car with empty hands and went right back in to buy one of your bottles--a pretty round shaped one. I was going to go back today to pick up another one but didn't finish making all of my cards so I will be there tomorrow morning to drop them off. I plan on buying the polka dotted one and who knows what my husband and I will fall in love with when we return in the evening. I have a feeling that I will have to look in your corner every time I stop by to restock. Best of luck with your newest venture, Stifel and Capra, and I hope to run into you sometime at the shop.


  3. Isabel
    I hope to meet you tonight!!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words:-) I love to hear that people are excited about what I am bringing the Stifel & Capra ...who knows maybe one day I will have my a store full of goodies! A girl can dream:-)

    I look forward to meeting you tonight!

  4. We must have missed each other but at some point we will meet at Stifel and Capra. Dream big--I would be a #1 customer at your own store.


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