Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Story Behind the Logo

A big thank you to Stylish Patina (SP) Creative Director (as I call her) Adina! We are still making baby tweaks to the logos but I wanted to reveal anyway...I know I just have no patience!  

Drum Roll Please.....

So a little info on who, what, when where and why on the logo:-) 

If you have read my original post you know that Ira (the '76 Ford + SP Mascot) was the original inspiration for the "Patina" part of the name.  My hubby and I kept saying Ira had "Patina".  We used the word in a positive way:-)  Patina to me means character, history and interest.  I feel that patina makes things unique and one of a kind.

So when I decided to jump in to this business I needed a name! I though Patina describes what I like & look for it furnishings and home decor.  If you are looking for items that look like it came off the factory line you're not reading the right blog:-)  Then I though Patina can be stylish...hence Stylish Patina.

Now on the colors!  The oxidized green reminded me of the natural patina you see sometimes when something is aged so that was a no brainer!  Then the gray I just loved I felt like it was a nice alternative to black and was a bit more "current" ...and finally the yellow...yellow to me has always been a "happy" color so it made sense to throw it in and brighten up everything.

And the bike..many people have suggested I use a chair b/c I am obviously chair obsessed! And maybe one day we will incorporate a chair in some way but for now it is the little Eurpoean shopping bike.  I started using this b/c when I went to Lucketts this year I didn't have a logo or cards so I made them.  I went to the craft store and got creative.  I found a stamp that spoke to me (the bike w/flowers) and then I bought a bunch of funky paper and made business cards/tags.  I just loved the eclectic look of the different papers and then the carefree look of the shopping bike w/flowers in the basket. 

I traveled all over Europe after college & studied in Southern France for a summer; the bike just brought me back to a simpler life.  This business for me is about taking a step out of the hussle and bussle of Corporate America and following a dream in the hopes of a simpler life with less commuting, being on conference calls, and being tied to my smart phone (unless I want to).
Now that you know the story...I hope you'll come along for the ride :-)



Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot off Ira!

Okay ladies, I met many of you this weekend that are looking for specific items so...I am going to post my "Hot off Ira" at least once a week to show you what I have as it come off the bed of the truck "Ira".  Just in case you want me to personalize something for your home or space.

Also, send me your "wish list!".  Email me at and tell me what you are looking for, style, size, color, and price range and let me do the hunting for you.  I know one of you is looking for a round table and I saw one today and then a couple other were looking for chandeliers and I came across a few of those today as well!  So here are some pictures of things I have bought and others I have found.  If you see something you like email me!

That's all for now folks!  Gotta get back to the other job:-)  Happy Monday.

Kelly {a.k.a Ms. Patina} 

my finds......
I have like 10 of these cool vintage xmas glasses
 look at this cutie!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you!

A big patina thank you to everyone that came out to the tag sale this weekend it was so wonderful meeting many of you in person!  

I am exhausted so I am off to decompress :-) I hope to see you all at the next tag sale or visiting my "soon to be" new retail presence!  I'll officially release the details after the contract has been signed!

Have a wonderful night.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sale is Open Sunday!

So we are staying open on Sunday 10am -2pm!  Blow out sale!

6437 Spring Ter
Falls Church va 22042 (Sleepy Hollow)

Here is some of the stuff we have left!